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Breaking Down the Hottest Music Releases of the Month

Based on the information available, here are the reviews for the music releases by DJ Paris Walker on the Explosive Beatz TV YouTube Channel:

Working Days and Nights Riddim

DJ Paris Walker's "Working Days and Nights Riddim" is a testament to the grind and hustle of everyday life. The track's pulsating beats and rhythmic patterns are reminiscent of the constant ebb and flow of the working world. The music is deeply rooted in the UK Drill, providing a gritty and raw reggae dub style bassline soundscape that perfectly encapsulates the essence of hard work and determination.

Economic Power Riddim

"Economic Power Riddim" is a powerful commentary on the socio-economic realities of our time. The track's potent beats and compelling rhythms are a reflection of the economic struggles and triumphs that people face daily. The music, which is deeply entrenched in the Drill genre of Hip Hop, provides a hard-hitting and intense auditory experience that resonates with listeners.

In My Soul Riddim

"Deep In My Soul Riddim" is a soulful and introspective track that delves into the depths of human emotions. The music, which is a blend of Deep RnB Soul Music, is characterized by its smooth beats and melodic rhythms that evoke a sense of introspection and self-reflection. DJ Paris Walker's masterful production skills shine through in this track, creating a musical journey that is both emotionally resonant and deeply moving.

To The Ends of The Earth Riddim

"To The Ends of The Earth Riddim" is a testament to the limitless boundaries of human potential. The track's expansive deep RnB Soul Music and rhythmic patterns create a soundscape that is as vast and boundless as the earth itself. The music, which is a fusion of various melodic strings and synth keyboards, provides an auditory experience that is both uplifting and inspiring.

Outta Space Riddim

"Outta Space Riddim" is a futuristic and innovative track that pushes the boundaries of music.

The track's beats and rhythms create a soundscape that is as vast and infinite as space itself. The music, which is deeply rooted in the 808 Bass and Boom Bap genres of Hip Hop, provides a unique and innovative auditory experience that transports listeners to another dimension.

These music releases have been added to DJ Paris Walker's Explosive Sessions Radio Show Playlist, which broadcasts every Saturday from 9am - 12 Midday UK Time on various platforms including Twitch, VK, YouTube, Facebook, Mixcloud,, and

Each track offers a unique auditory experience, showcasing DJ Paris Walker's versatility and skill as a music producer.

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